Acting proactively is a key to the success of small businesses. Whether you run a dry cleaning business, a florist, a real estate office, a law office or something completely different, at Yasmin Insurance Agency LLC we have many excellent insurance solutions to offer you

If you are not sure where to start with your insurance plan, we offer On Your Side® reviews to evaluate your business and make recommendations on the types of insurance coverage you may need. Another good way to address the issue is to obtain a business owners policy, or BOP, specific to your type of industry.

After that, you can add options to adapt to specific situations. For example, such additional coverage options include workers’ compensation insurance, cyber liability insurance, accounts receivable insurance and crime insurance.

Even two companies in the same industry may have very different insurance needs, so we offer many coverage options. The size of the business, finances and the target customer base can often also influence insurance coverage.

Workers' Compensation

It is a form of insurance that provides salary replacement and medical benefits to employees injured at work in exchange for the mandatory waiver of the employee’s right to sue their employer for the crime of negligence.


  1. Any accident that occurs at work the employee will always be protected.
  2. The company in charge has the duty to facilitate funeral, medical and compensation expenses.

General Liability

Also known as civil liability coverage for business. Civil liability insurance protects you and your company against “general” claims related to personal injury and property damage. Almost all companies need liability insurance.

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance can help you cover health care expenses and attorney fees because of bodily injury and property damage for which your company may be held legally responsible.

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