We know how valuable your time is. That is why at Yasmin Insurance we have EXPRESS MVA. Here you can request:

  1. Vehicle registration
  2. License Plate Return
  3. Sticker renewal
  4. Title Duplicates
  5. Registration Duplicate

Documents to apply for your plate or new stickers:

-Identification document (License granted by engines and vehicles, Country license or International License in some cases). Keep in mind that if the documents are expired they will not let you use them).
– Vehicle title (which identifies you as the owner).
– Maryland Security Inspection Certificate.

The plates for 1 year or 2 years are granted to people who have never done the process of obtaining a license plate for their vehicle, however, consider the following difference of one or two year license plates.

LICENSE PLATES FOR 1 YEAR are delivered when:

  1. The person has had a temporary license plate for 1 month and it has expired or is about to expire and has passed the safety inspection.
  2. After registering for the first time for 2 years thereafter if you keep the vehicle, you can continue renewing the sticker every year or every 2 years depending on your choice.


The plates for two years are delivered to people who already have all the complete documentation to present at the office (ID, car title and inspection certificate).


Approximately 60 days before the registration of your car expires, you will receive a notification by mail for the renewal of your vehicle. It is important that you do not wait until the last moment to renew your stickers in order to avoid fines.

After the year or two years that have elapsed from having removed his badge he will only return for the renewal of stickers, for this he must take into account:

– Present an identification document (ID, license or valid passport).

-Registration of the vehicle.

-Pay the corresponding fees in the MVA or in a Tag and title that are the offices authorized by the MVA to deliver plates (these costs vary according to the weight and size of the vehicle).


If you have lost, destroyed, damaged or dirtied the title of your vehicle, do not worry, Yasmin Insurance we can help you obtain a duplicate of your title. Normally this process takes about a day but in some cases the MVA prefers to send the title directly to your home.

 For this procedure you need:

  1. Valid state ID, driver’s license or valid passport.
  2. The vehicle registration must be in your name.

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